Superfoot mission

At our company, our main goal for custom insoles is to help people feel better and live better lives. We want to make sure our custom insoles are really good for health and comfort. We’re working hard to be the best at suppling these insoles in our area. We want to work with different people and companies to make a big impact together.

We know that every step we take can make a difference in how people feel. We’re focused on suppling custom insoles that are really top in the world market and that are comfortable and help with how your body moves and stands. We don’t just care about the products, we want to help improve people’s lives in many ways.

We make custom insoles that fit their needs, so athletes can do their best and people with foot problems can find relief. We talk to people a lot and use modern technology to make sure the insoles fit their bodies just right.

As we build a network of partners, we’re creating a group of people who share our goal of helping people be healthier. By working together, we can reach more people and make custom insoles available to many. Together, we’re making a positive impact on people’s lives, beyond just making insoles, and helping create a healthier society.

In short, our company’s mission for custom insoles is all about making a positive change. We want every step you take to be comfortable and good for your health. Our goal is to help athletes, people with foot issues, and many others benefit from our new and helpful solutions.

Why SuperFoot custom insoles?

Our goal to inspire people to move and to stay on their feet long and stronger. We do this by providing a unique fit for feet and an inspiring customer experience through personalized custom-made products accessible to all. SuperFoot custom insoles support your feet properly in a neutral position aiding a balance stance and correct body posture. Developed by medical professionals in collaboration with physiotherapists, podiatrist, and professional athletes.

SuperFoot provide:

  • Natural foot support and alignment
  • Customized comfort and the perfect fit
  • Enhanced performance
  • Better overall foot health

Can everyone benefit from SuperFoot custom insoles?

Yes, between 70% – 80% of the population suffer from some form of foot related problems, but everyone can benefit from the customized comfort and perfect fit which SuperFoot insoles provide.

Those that seek an active/sports lifestyle will also gain advantage form the tangible performance benefits of the insoles. SuperFoot insoles are for everyone form age of 5 upwards.

How do SuperFoot custom insoles strengthen your feet, both dynamic and supportive?

This is all based on biomechanics if you have overpronation or supination you won’t use many of your muscles in the correct manner. SuperFoot insoles are molded in the neutral position and will support your feet with proper alignment and help passive muscles to become activate again, therefore strengthening them. This is similar to resuming exercise after a long time off, muscles that have not been used for some times are reactivated, which can cause initial muscle fatigue and soreness.

  SuperFoot insoles are semi-rigid, which means that they are supportive (affecting the foot’s biomechanics by supporting it to neutral position) and dynamic (always allowing normal gait and running patterns). Semi-rigid insoles like SuperFoot facilitates utilization of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and provide proprioceptors. This helps keep feet and arches active, healthy, and toned.

Service process of SuperFoot custom insoles:

  1. Stand on the KIOSK for arch foot analysis
  2. Custom insoles heating
  3. Custom molding on the mold
  4. Cut and try

Adequate support and moderation are important to avoid heel pain and prevent other running-related injuries, as shoes (custom insoles) provide support and cushion the body’s impact, ensuring that body is protected form injuries.

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